Saturday, October 1, 2011

Homeowner?! What?

What a roller coaster ride the past few months have been.  From looking at apartments, to looking at houses, to being so sick of looking at houses, to buying one! What the heck?  I thought I was seriously crazy to just think I should look into buying a house instead of renting. 

Look out world, this girl just grew up.  A tiny bit anyways.

Yesterday was the big day, I was handed the keys to my perfect little home! The perfect little home that needs some lovin’, or A LOT of lovin’.  No worries though, I absolutely love it already and it will be beautiful when I’m through with it.  Even if it’s only day two and that didn’t end so well.  Let’s just say I left today whining “I wanna go home”.

So after a few hours of frustration and a well vacuumed floor (thanks to my beautiful mother) I’m calling it a night. I’m going to forget about  all the things that need to be done and dream of sparkling bathroom tiles, chocolate flooring (yummm, or gross?), and my beloved heart shower curtain.  J

Sweet dreams!

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