Monday, October 3, 2011

Lock it up, it's mine!

Small victories.  That's the exciting part about this house.  Tons of small victories.  I was jumping for joy when we finally got the locks changed over to new ones. When I say finally, I mean finalllllly.

Three days in a row, two sets of locks and multiple conversations with the nice man at Home Depot we left the house, old locks on, hopeful that the old owner didn't decide to throw a crazy party one last time.  In fact, after day two, we had tried lock set number two and left with only one new knob in place and an old deadbolt upside down and off center.  Oops!  Dad saved the day with the power tools and VOILA pretty new hardware! 

Now that I've calmed down and am enjoying the progress, here's a peek at the inside!

Sorry about the dark pictures, I'll actually have to start taking my camera instead of just using the iPhone!

What do you think?!


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