Monday, November 28, 2011

Stage One (of who knows how many) House Tour!

Well after a month of actually living in MY house, I feel like I’m starting to make some progress.  I’m totally loving it and ready to keep you posted with whats going on around here. Let's be honest you really didn't need to see me and the family (thanks guys!) scrubbing every inch of the house for 3 weeks straight.   Here are what we'll call the "Before" pictures.  There will be many, many, many layers of "After" pictures from here on out.

Consider this my pre move in tour, post tile scrubbing, heavy sanitizing, and carpet cleaning. At least now all the mess in the house is my mess...       

Let the tour begin!

View from my front door, looking down the hallway to a bathroom on the left, and two bedrooms and the end of the hall. Hall closet on the right and stairs to the loft.
Dining room and entry (yes my door was already Spartan Green!) oo and my lovely little bay window.

I dont have a pre move in kitchen photo but its just to the left of the lawn chair in the pic.  And to be honest I haven't done anything since so you'll see it in the next set of pictures.

My large and lofty bedroom, standard with built in storage and the perfect nook for a....

.....walk in closet!!  With a window even!

Just the other side of the bedroom with the stairs coming up, scroll back up and get your bearings (I do it all the time).

Guest bedroom corner, both look the same, ones a bit larger.  Small but they fit all the necessities, minus my excessive amount of clothing.  Good thing, I just showed you where all those would end up. ;)

My bathroom, believe it or not scrubbed clean in this picture. It went from horror movie gross, to  infomercial  magic watching the gunk come off, to bright white and beautiful!

Well? Nothing too exciting going on from the looks of it. But the exciting part is the process, and I'm here to share it all. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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