Monday, January 16, 2012

Let it Snow Already.

The weather needs to take a serious hint from this project and get on with winter already.  I can't say I'm not enjoying the sun and 50 degree light sweater days, but I don't want to miss winter completely.  It's mid January and I've only had to shovel my driveway once (I think my Dad and I are the only crazy people out there that actually enjoy shoveling, yes I did say enjoy).

So in my hours of no shoveling, no snowboarding, no snowball fighting days, I turned to spray paint and paper snowflakes.  Behold the ever hopeful, Let it Snow DIY rug.
Here's what you need : 
Plain thick fiber entrance mat ($5.00 @ Home Depot)
Any Kind of Thick Paper
Spray Adhesive
Spray Paint 

Go to town, cutting out your snowflakes and letters.  I just free handed my letters, but you could also get precise and print out a font and cut around it.  I made sure to make my letters thick.  That way if any paint got underneath, I'd still be able to make out the words.  (I know my picture is on hardwood, but please don't do this on your hardwood floors. I moved my stuff to the concrete floor in the basement for the spraying.)  

I wanted my rug to have the natural color show through on the words so I put those on first and then sprayed on a coat of white paint.  I tried using spray adhesive but the letters just ended up getting too wet and peeling up.  I ended up using a few sewing pins to hold the letters down while I painted.  It took a few coats of paint and didn't seem to be on thick but it came out fine.  

Once I had the white coat done, I let it dry and added my snowflakes so they would remain white.  I skipped the adhesive altogether and just pinned on my snowflakes.  I did two coats of a light blue Rustoleum paint over the whole thing and let it dry.

Praying this gives Jack Frost a little reminder.  Some of us actually do like winter, so LET IT SNOW!
Or if you don't like snow, personalize your mat with something else.  I have a feeling I'll be making my own welcome mats year round from now on.  What would your mat say?

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  1. What a great house-warming gift idea! I hope you post your other seasonal mats. You are sooooo creative.


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