Monday, January 23, 2012

My Night In Pictures...

The evening started out productive.  The bathroom is looking refreshed minus the icky blinds I still haven't taken down. Mostly because my neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate watching me pee as they pull into their driveway.  However, with a fresh coat of Behr 'Silky White' on the walls and Behr 'Popped Corn' on the trim its looking ten times cleaner.  It was technically clean before but now it feels like it.
Then things went downhill.
I was using the same color as the trim on the ceiling in the hallway so why not finish that project at the same time, right?  The ceiling is done, but the light fixture was quite the challenge to put back up. So here I am ski goggles on, screwdriver in hand attempting to get this baby back up.

After Keith and I switching back and forth a few times, we were eating plaster chunks and sick of debris in our eyes.  So....
 ...this is how the night ended.  You haven't seen the last of me stupid light, I'll be strategically planning for another day.

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