Monday, February 6, 2012

Is it Yellow or is it Green?

Whatever it is, it was so worth the wait.  I love the stripes, I should have just gone with my gut in the first place and not pondered the thought for the last two weeks.  I finally decided on Sherwin Williams Funky Yellow.  It's an in between color, mostly yellow with a hint of lime.

As far as taping, it was actually a lot simpler than I remember it being.  I made marks 12 inches apart on one end of the wall and used my level to get to the other side.  Then I just used my Frog Tape (I will never go back to the blue scotch tape after using this stuff, the Frog Tape works so much better) and made my outlines, placing an "x" in the sections I didn't want to paint.  I know myself better than to assume I'd paint the right ones. :)

they make me so happy!

next up, actually paint the door because with the old color it looks dirty and gross. ick.

next up #2, frost the windows. so I can toss the blinds and pee in the sunlight.
What do you think?  Too bright for you in the morning, or a good wake up call?

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  1. Congrats on getting those stripes done! Makes the bathroom look so fun! :)



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