Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Best. Surprise. Ever.

I wasn't messing around when I mentioned I may have a little bit of fun with the trim in my office. Here's what I went with.  Ben Moore "Old World".  It's a good mix of pink, peach, and salmon.
Ben Moore - Old World - 2011-40
Okay that's not the surprise.  Bold colors are the norm around here, honestly I'm surprised when I pick a neutral.  What really amazes me is that two of the three rooms I've painted in my new house are mostly white.

So I got the paint yesterday and taped the room off, figuring I'd get around to it one night this week.  But no, I come home today and IT'S DONE.  I just walked in and giggled, I couldn't believe it.  The bf had the day off work and surprised me with a freshly painted room, a put together drafting board, and lots of Mounds bars!  I am one seriously lucky girl.  

I'll get better pictures in the daylight but it looks amazing and more pinkish in person.  So playful and happy! Thank you!

What was your best surprise ever? Was it even close to being home related?

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  1. love it, love it, love it (and you too!) lag


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