Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh, Hey Neighbs!

So I have this problem...  This is the view from my bathroom.

I don't even want my dog to see me peeing, so neighbors are out of the question.  I want to leave this open all the time because I love the light coming in but, I feel awkward even when I'm just doing my hair.  Enough is enough and its about time this project got started.  Best part?  It was started and finished in about an hour and only cost me four dollars.  

As you know I've searched and searched for the best possible solution to this problem, frosted window film was too see through when your that up close, and I definitely didn't want any type of blinds in the window.  I went every which way before the clouds opened and this sun of a gun came shining through.  Fabric adhered to the windows?  Pure genius!  Mahattan Nest saved the day and Dan, you're the man!

What you need:
-Fabric, enough to cover your window panes.
-2T. Cornstarch
-2 1/4C. Water
-Paintbrush of some sort.

1. Measure the glass part of your window and cut out a piece of fabric for each pane.  Make sure to cut it a little bit bigger than your measurements, its better safe than sorry and you can always trim it after.
I don't believe in rulers sometimes so I grab whatever has a straight edge and just eyeball things.  In this case, my heart place mat.  

2. Whip out that iron you never use for your clothing and smooth these babies out.  No picture needed, we all know how to iron.

3. Mix your 2T. cornstarch into a quarter cup of water. Add this mixture to 2 cups of boiling water and stir.  It makes a super thin paste that's kind of ghostly looking.
4.  Be generous with your paste and brush it onto the back of the fabric.  I was generous enough to share the mess with my cookie sheet and counter top, but no worries, it cleans up easy, its just cornstarch!

5.  Easiest part yet, just stick it on the window!  It moves around pretty easy so if you have to pick it up and readjust, no worries.  Then take some card out of your wallet, and squeeze the bubbles to the sides.  Make sure you have something to wipe of the mess, most of the paste gets squeezed out with the bubbles too.

5. Once all your bubbles are out and your edges are tucked in as much as possible, just let it dry.  I waited 24 hours and then went back with an exacto knife and trimmed up around the edges, but the fabric will stick to anything, so you really don't have to be too precise.  
Ta Da!  I made my neighbors disappear! (And my blinds disappeared to the garbage today too!)

Seriously so simple, this can be used anywhere you want a little extra privacy. Where are you going to use this?!


  1. Great! Our bathroom doesn't have windows, but been there before! Nice solution :)



    1. It's been working great, I'm thinking of doing just the lower half of my kitchen window next. Thanks for stopping by!



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