Friday, April 20, 2012

Chevron Art!

Oh happy day!  It's Friday and I am so ready for this weekend to get here.  I have a long list of to-do's but somehow I never get around to half of them.  Alas, I finally finished one of my projects from a few weeks ago (okay it's been done for awhile now, I just finally hung it on the wall).  Remember back to this post about paint chip art?  Well I couldn't help but make my own version, I was just waiting for all the right materials to really make it as close to free as possible.  I'd say for $2.49 I did alright.

Can't get the light right inside, just take it out front and photograph on the porch right?!  Yes!

Here's how I did it.
1. Find frame with a picture already in it, mine was thrifted? (does side of the road count as thrifted?)
2. Paint over the picture so you have a nice white background.  I used leftover white paint to cover up the horrendous faded floral picture that was in there before..
3. Raid your local Home Depot for lots of paint chips, ones with one color, three colors, and even some metallic ones. Obviously depends on the size of your frame but mine was 36x36 so I needed a lot!
4. Watch a few movies while you cut out your chevron shapes.  Then lay it out how you want it (this part took the longest).
5. Dance around your kitchen table while sticking little scrapbooking square pieces to the back of the cut outs.
6. Spend a week and a half to decide if you really want to spend 30 dollars to have a piece of glass cut to finish it off. I didn't!
7. Some staples in the back to hold it in and there you have it!

The only thing I had to buy was a box of scrapbooking photo squares, I got one box of 500 and probably used about 350 of them!

Enjoy your weekend and get a little crafty!  It's fun!

Update: We have  real dining table in this room now!


  1. Perfect, especially for someone in the design business!

  2. This was so great; I was inspired to make my own version after seeing yours on Pinterest. Thanks for the great inspiration! I linked to you on a post about it, over at Painting Sunny right here:

  3. did you use a template for the chevrons? also, could glue work?

    1. I cut the first one and then used that for the rest of them. So yes, but I made my own! and glue could definitely work!

  4. Thank for sharing, love your posting!

    1. Thank you, it's a new year so I'm going to try getting back into it!


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