Friday, May 11, 2012
Happy Mother's Day, even though it's not until Sunday! I LOVE YOU! Too bad I'm early, you'll have to celebrate starting now. Everyday I can see myself turn out to be more like you, I was afraid this would happen some day. :)  I couldn't think of anyone more beautiful and caring as you, so I'm quite proud that I notice more of you in me day after day.  Thank you for pretty much everything.  I owe most of who I am today to you and Dad!

Thanks for....
...not killing me when I got nail polish on the ceiling.
...the long memorable OKC bound road trips every summer. the best pasta parties.
...letting me paint the house all kinds of crazy colors, even if it took some convincing.
...staying up late to make sure I got home okay.
...driving up to MSU just to say hello and grab a bite to eat. 
...always bragging out my latest projects.
...listening to me complain about boys, jobs, and just about everything else.
...believing in me, no matter what.
...being my slow day ski buddy.
...loving me like you do. 

You're the best!

I realize you can't really see our faces, but I still love this picture. Big smiles all around!

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