Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shower Curtain Scrap-It

I may have a slight fabric hoarding problem.  I don't think it's gotten too out of control yet, but then again, this is the first project where I've actually used anything from my stash.  It's mostly made up of fabrics from high school when I was really into sewing and LOTS of discontinued fabrics from working in furniture. 

So without further ado I bring you Scrap-It project #1 of many.. this project didn't even put a dent in my stash (considering I just brought all these fabrics home this week).  This time all my scraps went towards making my shower curtain extra long.  Why?  Because when I moved in this is how the shower curtain was hung. (Mostly because the shower rod was so old there was no tension left in it that it just rested on the top of the tile.)

But you see I have this thing for extra long, ceiling height shower curtains since I've been reading YHL, thanks guys!  So I bought a shiny new rod a few weeks ago and have been loving the floor to ceiling look. 
Thanks for reminding me I need to paint the back of the door still!
The only problem has been that my shower curtain once grazed the floor and was now floating above the tub line by about 5 inches.  Didn't affect my showering but it did look odd. If you can sew in a relatively straight line and have lots of fabric lying around, this project's for you.  Here's how:

1. Cut your fabric (samples in my case) to bricks of the same size.  I just used a Sherwin Williams paint book as my template. I traced around the edges and cut out samples until I got a rectangle a few inches larger than I wanted the final to be.

2. My pattern was three rows wide, so I pinned and sewed the patches into rows first and then sewed my three rows together.  Then finished it off by sewing it directly to the shower curtain. And doing a simple hem around all the edges. Done.

Honestly this took me a night to do, okay a day and a half because I broke the sewing machine needle and didn't have any more.  But simple project and I am loving all the color and pattern mixed together here. And my little crab. :)

Do you have any plans for your fabric scraps? Are they just going to hang out in your basement and collect dust for another year?!  Enjoy and let me know if you need any further the direction!

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  1. Great idea! I assume you used 100% cotton scraps so you could wash it easily. I have tons of scraps from years of working in furniture stores


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