Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Story of Larry.

This is cardboard I needed to get rid of.  And this my friends, is how Larry the pinata was born.  A DIY pinata for those of you who have an extra few hours before your next fiesta. (I made Larry for Cinco de Mayo but really you can make any shape you want, for any occasion.)

I highly recommend you fill your Larry with some goodies at this point.  Then you don't have to go through the hassle of cutting a hole in the poor guy.  And your friends will be a lot more excited to know there's something in there, mine were a little disappointed to learn Larry was only for aesthetics.

This part took the longest, I used a mixture of tissue paper and crepe paper.  I would go with all crepe paper next time, it's much easier to wind around.  And definitely invest in a can of spray adhesive.  I ran out half way through and really should have gone to the store to finish him off, it took three times longer with rubber cement.

Meet Larry, life of the party and 5 times cheaper and more fun that his friends in the store waiting for a good home!

Next pinata occasion possibilities.. birthday numbers, baseball party, memorial day... do we really need an excuse to have a little fun?  

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