Friday, August 24, 2012

Paint and Plastic.

So I told you I had something up my sleeve (or schleeve!) when I was talking about getting trigger happy in this post.  And here I present to you, the worst looking plastic chairs I've ever seen.  They were great around the bonfire for years, but I can't sit in them these days without getting that chalky white dust all over my clothes, yuck!  I took some ammonia and the hose and went to town trying to clean they babies but just ended up scrubbing off the top layer of plastic.  Oops!  So I contemplated buying sale chairs at the end of summer, but then thought why not give these a second chance.  So that's what I did. These two and their two brothers got hosed down and primed up to start. 

Crazy difference even with a coat of primer!  I used Rustoleum Spray Paints and started with their Grey Primer.  All of the paints I used said they were good for indoor or outdoor use, and could also be used on plastics.  

Picking a color was the hard part, I was going to do all four chairs in different shades of the same color but didn't want to buy four cans of paint. (Should have gone with my gut, I ended up using a whole can for each chair anyways!)  I decided on Key Lime (If you want to know why I chose this color check out the pic I snapped the day of!) and sprayed light coats until the chair was completely covered.


Not only does my backyard look a whole lot happier, my jeans are loving the change too.  No white or lime green marks all over my clothes!  And since you all know I love to brag about budget, here's the breakdown.

Patio Set:
4 dirty gross chairs - FREE
2 cans Rustoleum Grey Primer -  $6.88
4 cans Rustoleum in Key Lime - $13.76
1 Patio Table - FREE (perfect condition from side of the road!!)
Total Cost : $20.64

That's the cost of one new plastic chair! This is why I am slowly putting things together around here.  I didn't need it a few months ago but knew what I wanted, so just keeping my eyes peeled for a good deal paid off!  Special thanks to my Momma who found the table on her morning walk, hurried home and drove back to pick it up! 

What color would you have chosen!?  I'd love to hear it!


  1. Greeeeaaaaat work. LOVE IT! I felt free to mention it on my plastic chair blog (in German): … If you got any more nice plastic chair pictures to share, feel free to do so on

  2. That's an interesting chair. It reminds me of a sunrise. I'm happy you refurbished it.

  3. I was really amazed of the result of your re-painted chair. You are such a resourceful person. I must say that it is indeed a great transformation that don't need a huge amount. A simple make-over of this plastic chair is a great start to transform your house especially your backyard. I am looking forward for more furniture transformation ideas. Best regards.


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