Monday, August 6, 2012

Say Hello to this New Little Guy.

After a one month hiatus, I'm back!  Due to a few questioning loyal fans and my own need for more inspiration, I'll be back to stay. I've already got a few posts lined up for this week but I just had to sneak in this one first, because I was literally jumping up and down when this Little Guy (that is what LG stands for right?) showed up.

My kitchen is used to being called little, it's only 7 x 10 feet, but this new baby is by no means little at a whopping 22.4 cubic feet.  After being fridge-less for two weeks, I was in heaven just because I woke up this morning to ice cubes that hadn't turned into water overnight.  It's the little things in life, right?!  Even better was the fact that I got this fridge for a steal, thank you Best Buy floor models and DTE for paying me for you to pick up the old fridge! Starting cost $1399, my cost $559, pretty good considering the bare bones basic refrigerators all started around $500-$600.

Had my old fridge not died I definitely would have tried a few options to spruce it up while it lasted, I'm not one to replace things just to update.  Oh the joys of home ownership, I am frightened at how excited I was to buy a new fridge.  Who knew appliances we're such a big deal?  What do you get excited to buy?


  1. I seem to recall you removed contact paper from a small fridge and painted it hot pink at one time!

    Glad you're back, I've missed your enthusiasum.


    1. I did do that, I'll have to see if I can find a picture. I'm not so sure I have one anymore but I did love that pink fridge!


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