Thursday, September 20, 2012

Well, Sh!!t.

My words exactly when I realized I had no normal (by normal I really just mean non-flannel) queen sheets to fit my bed at the beginning of summer.  And now here we are, mid-September.  No, I did not sleep with flannels on my bed all summer, I did however manage to get by with one set of old hand me down sheets. But let's face it, the putting it back on the bed part (because the elastic was stretched and they weren't deep enough to cover the mattress) every morning thing was getting pretty annoying.  So I finally decided this needed to come to an end.  I don't know why it took this long but I was in desperate need of new sheets and I felt like I had to have them ASAP!

I probably put off the search in the beginning because I know how expensive sheets can be and didn't want to spend my non existent income last month on a $60 (and that's inexpensive) sheet set.  That seemed to be a pretty average going rate for a Queen set and for someone (me) who doesn't notice or care what thread count her sheets are, that was too much!  And then I found the perfect set, Kate Spade no less, with pretty green piped packaging and all.  For only $40 down from $100. 
Would have been great, had the Queen package actually had Queen sheets in it.  Nope, they were all Kings.  So back to the store they went and the search came to a halt for another few weeks.  I was really determined not to spend money on something that didn't matter too much, after all I just wanted something cute and simple so that when I don't make my bed (which happens almost every day) there's still something fancy happening among the mess.  These pictures are close to what my bed ends up looking like in the morning.  By the way, pretty and unmade is totally a thing!

So after figuring it's about time to put the flannels back on I gave up the search.  And just then, I came across the perfect set at the perfect price.  Target saved the season again, with this queen sheet set for only $8.98 on clearance.  Simple, and perfect for peeking out from under my comforter on my lazy days.  
Maybe a little too cutesy for some, but if you know me, the polka dots suit me.  And the price, right up my alley.  

What sheets do you have making an appearance on your lazy days?  Plain white or some wild and crazy pattern?  I'd like to hear somebody who can beat my crazy sheets, I have a set of flannels with breakfast items spread all over. Ha!


  1. They look vaguely familiar to something else you have. Love the heart picture collage, especially since hanging all my ancestor pictures over the bed in the guest room. lag

  2. I really like the heart collage!


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