Thursday, September 27, 2012

Will You Be...?

Welcome to the world of a crafty wedding, where the fun is only just beginning!  When it came time to ask my girls if they'd be in my wedding, well I didn't really have to ask.  I think they all already knew, but that kind of spoils the fun right?  So I decided to ask them all again anyways.  I love homemade gifts (giving and receiving) so here's what I came up with.

Per usual, I forgot to take a before picture so use your imagination and pretend these frames are completely different colors, because that's how they started out (pink, gunmetal black, two tone beige and gold).  While shopping thrifting around for frames I made sure to pick up ones with lots of texture so when I painted them, they didn't just look plain 'ol cream.
A few coats of spray paint later, these were looking quite lovely.  I think I may use this same technique for a future wall collage project, I love the uniform color with all the different textures.  Now what to put in them?  So many great memories, I couldn't pick just one picture!  So I chose two, one old and one new.  With a little bit of Adobe Illustrator love, here's what I came out with!
All wrapped up in bold little gift bags (gotta love Target for having the perfect bags to match my wedding colors) I hand delivered each, just a little something to bring back some fun times!  Thanks ladies for always sticking by my side, I'd be lost without you!

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