Monday, October 22, 2012

Get Hooked.

When dealing with small spaces, organization is of the essence.  I have more space than a number of people I'm sure, but it's less than what I'm used to in certain areas.  In this post in particular I'm talking about my bathroom.  It has space to be functional, but at times it gets a little chaotic with a hairdryer, straightener, and all my products out on the tiny little counter space next to the pedestal sink.  On top of all the stuff I just mentioned there's always a hand towel laying around that I'm trying to keep dry.  I needed a solution (especially for wet hand towels) and just had think about my options and decide what would work best for me.  I went back and forth between towel bars, a whole wall unit thing (similar to a spice rack), and all sorts of DIY storage boxes to hang on the walls.  

For aesthetic reasons I chose a mixture of things, since this space is between a large window and mirror I didn't want another large square mounted to the wall (the spice rack like option or large DIY crates for storage), it would be too overwhelming for the small space.  So I opted for a shelf and hook combo.  The shelf has been up for months and months but I just got around to mounting the hooks last weekend as part of our plaster disaster day.

So many unique ideas and fancy hooks, but I wanted to keep things simple in here.  I opted for polished chrome double hooks.  The finish matches my new faucet and I thought two would make perfect 'his and her' hooks in the future!
my hooks :) 
The shelf was thrifted for $3 at Salvation Army and the hooks were $2 each at Home Depot.  Seven dollars went a long way in this little space. I am now able to keep my towel dry, and have all of the things I use on a daily basis out in the open without making my bathroom look like a tornado rolled through in the morning.

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