Monday, October 15, 2012

Plaster Disaster.

I don't know about you but it was a semi-productive weekend at my house.  I was dreading hanging anything on my walls after the "shoot-I-just-put-a-huge-hole-in-my-wall" incident, shown here. 
It's a good thing I love my angled arches (done much easier with plaster than drywall) or plaster may not have anything going for it at this point.  I should be used to the fact that nothing really goes as planned when doing it yourself, but I still get plenty frustrated when the smallest things don't work out like they are supposed to and I just end up ruining my newly painted walls!

After just one attempt at mounting the brackets into the plaster I was ready to put the ugly blinds back up, patch the hole, and forget about it.  But we didn't give up and tried again, and again, and again. Not only did we finally have the rods up in the guest room, but the brackets are all up in the dining room, and my hooks are up in the bathroom.  Yahoooo!!  They didn't go up without a fight though, the guest room curtain rod project started about two weeks ago and by the end of Saturday after more than a few trips to the hardware store here's what we ended up with. 
Ha! I guess at some point it's good to have all these on hand for future projects, just didn't think we would end up with an entire army after one weekend!

After reading a few tutorials and testing them out this weekend, I've decided there really isn't one thing that works for every instance when it comes to plaster, it all depends what you run into (or don't) behind the wall.  The only thing we consistently did was drill a hole all the way through the plaster to keep the plaster from bubbling out when we put in our anchor/screw/toggle of choice.  Quite honestly I think we used 4 different types of screws for hanging the two drapery rods in the guest room alone!  

Anyone else have any issues with this or are you an expert that can share some knowledge?  I'd love to hear either side and of course will share our newly acquired knowledge should you have any questions!  I will be posting pictures of these few projects I've been working on shortly, so check back later.

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  1. glad you stayed with it. now on to the fabric. lag


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