Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All Oiled Up.

Not every thing I do around the house here is super exciting, but it's all progress at least.  I have a hallway of four (sometimes five) doors.  All of their perspective rooms were looking nice on the inside, but I hadn't gotten around to painting the side of the door that faces the hallway.   With everything around them having been recently painted, these just looked gross. Not to mention I had drawn hearts on pretty much everyone of them in an attempt to dry my brush off after painting the trim in the hallway. So, not only did I finally get around to painting the doors to match the trim, I decided to give all of the hardware a little bit of love too.  Here's your before... (icky doors and brass hardware).  
A can of primer (1 coat), and a can of Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint (3 coats), here's what you get.  
I realized a little too late that I didn't need the primer since it was built into the ORB spray paint but they came out perfect so I can't complain.  I also heard I probably should have used a deglosser first, but again they came out okay so I'll just keep you posted on how they handle the wear.  The doors don't seem too different to me, they are just clean and pretty and fit in now.  The yuck and shiny brass don't stand out like a sore thumb anymore.  Quick and easy weekend project!

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