Monday, November 12, 2012

How's it Hangin?

My mom has been wanting to display a variety of family photos but we just hadn't had the time to nail down how or where to hang them on the wall.  After a few days (or weeks?) of me coming over to a bed full of frames and constantly having to move them should anyone want to sleep there (like me!) we decided to tackle the project and get those people up on the wall.  We created a sort of family tree starting with my parents in the middle and projecting out with my Dad's family to the right and my Mom's to the left with pictures from old scrapbooks dating back who knows how long. 

Here's how I managed to hang a 16 picture collage without any screw ups!

1. Trace your frames on paper and cut to size.  (newspaper ads work wonders!)
2. Lay the paper on the back of the frame and mark a spot where the mounting hardware is so you know where to nail.
3. Important! : Label your paper with what picture it's for.  Ex: Dad 75'
4. Define it with an X so it doesn't get mixed up with anything else on the page.
5. Use painters tape to hang your paper on the wall and play with your collage until it's perfect.  This is the best part, you can move the papers a billion times until you like the composition.
6.  Hammer in your nail right on that X, remove the paper, and hang your pictures as you go.
7.  Take a step back and look at how lovely it turned out!  
We are so pleased and love how balanced it looks even though the frames are different and one side has two more pictures than the other.  So easy to do, and the best part... I didn't have to measure a darn thing!  So what collage project are you going to check off your list today?  

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