Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Looking Out.

My view sans ugly blinds and window coverings. 
Sure is nice to let all that light in, but I'm definitely not into everyone outside seeing straight through my house come night time.  A solution has been in the works for a few weeks now, just had to find the right JoAnn's coupons and some spare time.  

The plan was to make sheers but I loved the texture of this linen-like fabric and didn't mind something with a little more weight in the dining room.  Considering I needed 10 yards total to make four panels, the $5/yard price tag had a much nicer ring to it than spending $29.99 per panel for ready made ones I liked at target.  Besides, it was about time I dust off the 'ol sewing machine.

Since these were crafted by yours truly, you get a quick how-to if you're thinking of tackling a project in your own home.  Really beginner sewing here, fairly straight lines and you're good to go. Note to self (and all you readers): Buy more fabric than you think you'll need.  I washed my fabric and boy did it shrink!  So, I just gave up the 4 inch bottom hem and continued on!
1. Fold in, iron, pin and sew your salvaged ends.
2. Repeat with the top and bottom edges of your panel.
3. Cut all of your tab tops, I did 5 per panel.
4. Fold in long edges and pin evenly spaced at the top of your panels.
5. Hang and wait until tomorrow to see the finished product! Skip ahead here!


  1. Very nice Justine!

  2. Is that grandma's iron and aunt's sewing machine? You are great at finding things!

  3. Sure is! I make due with what I find, I often shop in my Mom's basement too!


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