Monday, December 17, 2012

Death of a Duvet.

I have been fabric hunting for the guest bedroom windows.  After a few weeks of not finding exactly what I was looking for and not wanting to spend money on a mediocre solution, I found the solution sitting right in front of me.  This is my XL twin duvet cover from college.  Pretty right?  I thought so too, and since I haven't had a twin bed in years and see no plans for one in the near future it's about time this baby got re-purposed.  Here's a super quick before, middle, and after on the life of my green duvet.
I'm the anti-measuring, pro-eyeball it, type so I just went for it. In my pajamas, of course. I laid the duvet flat, cut off all four sides to get rid of the seams and hemmed both of the long sides.  This time I even had enough fabric for a 2.5 inch rod pocket and bottom hem.
I only had two small windows in this room so the one twin duvet was perfect since I was able to use both sides.  After a few straight lines of sewing, here's the final product.  I love the casual short curtain look in this room, and the way the light shines through the white pattern is perfect.  Not to mention the zero dollar cost.  I think this is even the second no cost project in a row! (And there's another one coming up, can you believe it?!)
The apple green is the perfect accent to the navy blue walls and unfinished woods in here.  And the large contemporary pattern is even better than a large geometric would have been.  

So with the room now fully functional, who's in for a sleepover?!

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