Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Free and Easy.

I like to buy new things, but acquiring broken things for free is often just as exciting and most of the time. Case in point, this brand new console that just needed some TLC and a new place to live.
Everything was in excellent condition besides the top panel inserts.  The inserts had been broken and were completely unusable, I just took them out and figured I'd find something else to replace them with.  With a little digging in the basement I found everything I needed to fix this thing.  Just some plywood and old scraps of fabric from showroom samples.

That's all I needed besides power tools (a circular saw and staple gun) which I borrowed from my Dad! (Thanks Daddy!) Make sure you don't forget the safety goggles/ski goggles.
I simply measured the openings and cut two plywood panels to fit.  Stapled on my fabric and I was good to go.
And there you have it, another absolutely free piece for the house.  The best part of fixing something up is the option to customize things.  The fabric I chose for the top looks great in my living room!

Next up, do something with all of those picture frames, and style the shelving!

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