Monday, May 13, 2013


Well, Hello again.  Long time no see.  It's been about two months and I thought I'd give you a little update on my life.  With wedding meetings, wedding crafting, and wedding festivities, I have been one busy lady lately.  I've been hooked on Instagram... and its fun to look back and remember the days these were all taken.

So over the last two months I've been....
 ...dying Easter eggs with the family,
 ...putting my mom's button box to use,
 ...spending way too much on new clothes,
 ...hanging out with the beer bear,
 ...buying a new sofa,
 ...writing until my hand hurts,
 ...going just a little bit blonde,
 ...enjoying St. Patty's Day.
 ...loving the up and down Michigan weather on the patio,
 ...starting to run again,
 ...eating ice cream...right after running,
 ...checking things off my extremely long wedding to do list,
...trying to grow grass,
... and taking frame worthy engagement pictures with Heather at HMN photography, all this along with wedding showers, a bachelorette party, work, and a normal life!

Actually, I had a friend ask what my second job is going to be after the wedding is over.  I looked at her very confused. I don't want a second job, one full time job is enough for me.  She then explained that all the planning before getting married is like having a second job, so I would be feel like I needed a second job to fill all the extra time after we get married.  With that I agreed and promptly replied, "I'd like to make pillows and I'd really like to get back to blogging".  I haven't missed it too much these last two months because I've been staying extremely busy.  But about a week ago it hit me and I really would like to get back to it.  So here I am.  Still pre-wedding so it'll be a little hit and miss but as I countdown til my wedding day, you can count down the days until I'll be back blogging full time.

Clock starts now and we've both got 60 days left!!!

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