Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beez in the House

I had high hopes for accomplishing things yesterday.  The plan was to grocery shop, paint the trim at the side entrance, cook a roast, go running.... and the list goes on.  Well let me tell you now that absolutely nothing got crossed off the list yesterday.

Nine o'clock rolled around and the next hour and a half went downhill.  Keith had mentioned he had killed a ton of bees when I got home the night before but by the time I got off work on Sunday, I only saw one bee in the house. By 9:30 am the next day I realized he was not exaggerating. My bee kill count was up to 14 and they just kept pouring in (okay, walking in) after that.  I staked out in front of the door once I figured out they were coming from just under the molding to the left of the door. They would almost file out three at a time and I just suck, suck, sucked em up with the ShopVac. No big deal, it actually started out kind of fun.

But, then I thought it would be a good idea to check out the basement. Bad idea. There were a dozen bees flying around down there and all of sudden I was terrified.  I had no problem getting to them before they started flying upstairs, but they were not staying in one spot for me anymore. And then by the time I came back upstairs there were three or four more crawling on the windows trying to get out. And then there were tears. I could see them, I could hear them buzzing in wall, and I could not spend all day killing bees.  I was surprised I made it out untouched, but surely my luck wouldn't last all day. After calling Keith at work, he told me to get out of there and we would deal with it later. Dealing with it meant calling pest control and asking for advice on Facebook. 

We got some pretty clever remarks back from Facebook that included the following:

1. Getting a pet bear.
2. Tossing all the honey from our pantry.
3. Turn our house into a honeyfarm.
4. Call Nicki Minaj and see what she did to get her beez in the trap

Keith also made a pit stop at the library on his way home from work to rent The Bee Movie. :) 

Insightful and comical, yes. But I wasn't about to start talking to the bees and ask them nicely to get out of my house. So we stayed at my parents and came home to this x 10 this morning. Pest control came over to spray this morning and so far, so good. No bees in the house, but I'm not convinced they aren't hanging out in between the walls.

I'm feeling better since it's 11:30 and I haven't heard so much as a buzz yet. Any other crazy bee stories out there? Did you have to rip apart the wall? Pull out the vacuum? 

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  1. I'm so glad you mentioned option 4 up there, because I've been singing that song since I saw your blog title the other day!!


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