Tuesday, August 6, 2013


In the midst of all the wedding festivities, July turned into a whirlwind of celebration that quickly crept up on us and has now flown right by. It's August (When did that happen?!) and we're slowly getting settled at home. I am so glad we had the whole "where are we going to live?" situation figured out long before we ever got engaged. All we really had to do was move Keith's things in after the wedding. As simple as this sounds, it has been a lot of organizing and finding homes for things we didn't have before.  

Since we kind of put house projects on hold for the last half of the year, the progress we have made in the last two weeks is seemingly, leaps and bounds, compared to what we have been used to. In the last blog I wrote before disappearing for months, we were sofa searching and going back and forth between a sofa and sectional.  Check out the two options I gave myself, here.  I thought both of these through so that if I came across a steal, I wouldn't regret my impulse decision making down the road. There's nothing worse than spending your savings on a sofa that won't fit through your front door or in your room, right?

Great news, I decided on a sofa even if it was a little bit of a splurge. It fits the space perfectly and it's stylistically what I was looking for. Since the sofa option won out, here's the plan for down the road and a sneak peak at my "little" 9 foot sofa!

And I told you we were moving right along, so it doesn't stop there.  Since the wedding we have purchased two new chairs to flank either side of the sofa, and a happy rug to anchor the space.

Don't lose me just yet, I haven't given up the days of garbage picking or thrifting.  Besides, I've got a weird thing about used upholstery. I'd rather spend the dollars than wonder about the sofa's past life! 

So, what are your thoughts? I am loving all the color and how put together the room feels already. Keith has been a good sport and says he really doesn't mind all the pinks and purples in the rugs and on the walls, what a man!  He did tell me, his framed picture of Ty Cobb would look great above the sofa though. :)

The projects don't stop here, this place is going to be a constant work in progress, but I think that's my favorite part.  Tonight, the hubs and I are pulling out the paint brushes and finishing up the first floor. 

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