Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I swear the list of home projects never ends. This is by no means a complaint, I absolutely love home projects, but mostly I love to see the transformation once the project is complete.  Every now and then the list making and constant to-do around the house gets overwhelming.  And for me, it doesn't take much to get my head spinning. If I catch myself about to lose it over how many things there are to do, I try and think of how many things we have already done.  All of our rooms have had an equal amount of hard work put into them, but I want to show off our new furniture so we'll start in the dining room since you already saw a snippet of the living room yesterday.

I'm quite fond of our little 8 x 8 dining space.  It has a looooong way to go to be considered done (and done is never truly done) but it really has come a long way.  Proof? This is day one. Camp chairs and lots of cleaning supplies before move in. Ha.

Week Two. Same nasty paint and lighting, but... newly refinished dark Jacobean stained floors. What a difference already. Hands down, best decision was having them done before anything was moved in. 

And then we painted everywhere.  It is truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do, and that crisp white trim just puts a smile on my face. Brightened it up with some super fun DIY paint chip art and traded in the dirty blinds for some DIY airy drapery panels.

Let there be light! I swapped out the flush mount light fixture for double the wattage and way more pizzazz. Whipped that baby up for $15 with a thrift store find and a few coats of spray paint.  Picked up some lockers in the throw away pile and we're making progress!

It was looking pretty good, except for the fact that I would never be satisfied with a 42 inch round table. Especially the drop leaf kind, because with that kind (this table in particular) I was constantly worried my cereal was going to slide right down into my lap because the sides wouldn't stay up all the way. I spent many days with a tape measure trying to figure out what I would like best.  A larger round table? Nope. I had my heart set on a rectangular table and finally dragged the card tables out of the basement to test it out.  Voila! A few adjustments to the length and it would be perfect. It would still be able to be centered under the light and have enough walking around room. Even better, it would seat six!

Okay, so this isn't how it stayed. The card tables went back downstairs later that day. But what did happen is the most wonderful thing.  Keith surprised me with a brand new, custom made, hand crafted dining table the day after our wedding! Talk about happy tears, holy moly, I was speechless and so ecstatic at the same time. So now we have the most beautiful black walnut parsons table and it fits the space exactly as I had imagined it.

Why a dining table? Oh, maybe because I've only talked about it 300 hundred times since I moved in. Or because we really like to eat. But, mostly because we have this thing where we actually agree on dining table styles and don't seem to be able to read each others taste in furniture consistently other than that. Whatever the case, I am thrilled because I have the most loving husband and a beautiful table to dine at. He is thrilled because he had a huge part in the design process and saw it turn into something from nothing.

Next up, paint the lockers, thoughts on colors? I'm actually feeling a matte finish, but have no idea what color I'm leaning towards.  If it helps with the decision making on colors, the artwork will be getting switched out soon too. Let me know what you think!

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