Monday, August 5, 2013

Where I've Been.

Happy Monday to all! Not any old Monday, this Monday is the day I dive back into the blogging world. After a few more months off than I had originally imagined, I am back to keep you up to date on my house happenings and post wedding life! And for those of you that just want a splash of inspiration, I'm thinking I can take care of that for ya too.

So bear with me while I get back into the swing of things around here. Today I've got a little life recap so I can get you all up to speed. I've been hanging out in wedding land (How is this not a board game yet?) the past few months and have been putting blogging and house plans on hold until the craziness subsides. For those of you that haven't experienced this "wedding land" yet or if you just want to reminisce with me, here is a little peek at what the last few months leading up to the wedding looked like. 

To set the tone here..the wedding had no theme other than the range of pink and orange sherbet colors, the fact that we wanted it to be outdoorsy, and somewhat casual.  From there, we kind of just took everything in stride and rolled with it.  Also, huge props to my Mom playing wedding planner.  She kept me on schedule, knocked some sense into me every now and then, and kept it fun!

And so it started... with engagement photo shoot number one with my cousin Lisa, followed by designing, printing, and addressing all of our save the dates. 

Calling any and all glass jars! I had no idea what I was going to use these for until the end of February but we were taking in all possible options from anyone we knew.  Then the label removing and prettifying began!

After a whole day (literally, it took all day) devoted to finding the perfect photographer, we landed on Heather. This was hands down the easiest decision we made together. I don't know how to describe the style we were looking for, all we knew was that Heather's photos were an exact match.  We met with her to discuss the wedding and a few weeks later had a blast during photo shoot number two, with Heather at HMN photography.  She is the best. Seriously, I can't imagine having anyone other than her shoot our big day! 
Credit: HMN Photography

I found the dress early on, decided on suits, and selected a few tie options.  Gentlemen if you are looking for fab ties at a great price, check out The Tie Bar! We ordered in a few options and made the decision from these three.. Hubs and his groomsmen wore the orange gingham, and my brother wore the orange polka dot.

Meeting with the florist was amazing, we had heard great things and didn't shop around at all.  We met with her, showed her some images from Pinterest and signed the paperwork. This was just a small souvenir from the meet.

Had a great time with family and friends at both of my wedding showers, one put on by my Aunts and the other by Keith's Mom. And of course it was wonderful having my Mom by my side through everything. :)

And then there was the moment, I didn't fit in my dress! So...I attempted to give up unnecessary sugars and tried to eat healthier.  Whatever I did, it worked....phew!

And of course the two weeks leading up to the wedding was a world of last minute crafting chaos! Chalkboard painting, program printing, fabric ripping, napkin folding, and the list goes on...

The rehearsal evening was a blast, dinner at Antonious, and a big back yard party on my parents new patio, not to mention I slept like a baby the night before the wedding.

The morning of seemed to take forever and then all of sudden, the music kicked on and I was walking down the aisle to marry the man who makes my heart whole.

The day was perfect. I seriously felt like I was living a fairy tale. The best part is, the fairy tale only gets better from here and our happily ever after is just beginning.

This means the home projects start up again and the blog continues... :) I'll see you back here tomorrow morning.

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