Monday, September 23, 2013

Locked and Loaded.

These lockers have come in handy being right next to the tiny kitchen. Especially after getting married and receiving all sorts of fun gadgets that I didn't have before.  The normal stuff like a blender, popcorn maker, hand mixer... all the stuff that I have zero room for in my kitchen cabinets because they filled up with dishes. As useful as these lockers are, they weren't exactly my favorite color, but for the price of free that didn't stop me from picking 'em up. Here is how they have been sitting in my dining room for the last seven months.  Just your average putty, wall blending, boring color, that needed a change.

Finally Keith and I got a Saturday off together and the lockers were first on the to-do list...since they have been put on the back burner for so long.  We had big plans to sand these babies down but the guy at the hardware store just recommended using some TSP and giving em a good wipe down since they weren't rusted or chipped at all.  So that's exactly what we did.  Emptied the contents onto the dining room table, hauled them into the backyard, gave them a quick wipe down, and dried them off with an old t-shirt.

The only thing we taped was the silver pull on the doors, since we knew we would be pulling on them all the time. And that hint of silver would be pretty in the end!

Of course the hardware store didn't have the color of Krylon paint we went in search of so I made an in the moment decision and went for Plum in the Ace Brand.  Learned our lesson there with the off brand (we had a few color issues) but all in all it turned out great. 

We sprayed about 5 light coats throughout the afternoon..this is our camo look after coat number one.

And two...

Three, looking a little bit better.

And real quick, if you scroll back up to the first picture you notice the array of fabric swatches folded over to keep the legs from scratching the floor.  Ugly.  So I found a plum velvet in my fabric collection and cut out tiny squares this time.  200% better.  They aren't even noticeable, they blend right in, and it was free...again!

Same day and back in the house, all loaded up! I am so happy we went with plum instead of my first color choice, I just love them!  What do you think?

The whole project complete for $19 in spray paint (we used 5 cans).  It pays to have an open mind and snatch up those freebies if you see them!  Next on the list for this room... new art, new chandelier, and painted chairs!

What's up next on your list, start planning now so you can be ready for the weekend!

Update: Here's what the dining room looks like now, with the new gallery wall and light fixture!

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  1. Clever repurposing! Love the color and love your table and chairs! Actually think the orange chandelier looks pretty with your colorful art on the wall behind.


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