Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wide Open Wall Spaces : Decision Made

In yesterday's post I was rummaging through the house in hopes to figure out what to hang above the sofa. Blank space be gone!

Within five minutes the space was filled with homemade chalkboard art and happy wedding memories. I scooped up the frames as a retail store was closing and decided to make them into signs for our outdoor wedding in July.  They were a quick DIY and the perfect touch of personality for our big day!  

With them hanging next to the window I needed something a little bit larger in scale. The frame color is subtle and plays off the wall nicely while letting the art do all the talking. The best part is I can switch up my art whenever I feel like it needs a change, for the seasons or just because. The frames still have glass in them, so it's a little bit trickier to swap out but I don't mind. This way I'm not ending up with chalk dust all over my pretty sofa. :)

I don't plan on keeping our wedding signage up there for long, but it's kind of fun right now.  I will definitely keep you posted as to what makes it in there next. A fun doodle, my favorite quote, or some holiday cheer (too soon?).

What do you think, what route would you have taken, a grid, a collage, or something large and simple like I have here?  Also, I'm open for ideas on what to put on the chalkboards when I switch out the writing.

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