Monday, November 11, 2013

Wedding Wall Art. Yes, there's more.

I promise someday there will be more than wedding art here on the walls, but for now that's not the case as of lately.  This time Keith had this lovely picture framed for my birthday, a favorite from our wedding day. 

And we also have a huge pile of these table carved wood table numbers from the wedding.  So what better way to decorate the place than with memories and pieces of the best day ever.

I picked the dates of our wedding and a heart, of course there had to be heart involved.

I found a pack of picture hangers lingering around while I was cleaning the other day and it couldn't have been better timing.  There is no way I would have found them in a week so I decided I better put them to use while I had them out.

Put a few screws in the walls and I was done.

I'm thinking there is still enough room for another picture underneath, a quote maybe.  Guess we will have to wait and see.  I'm taking baby steps around here, but steps none the less.

How do you have your pictures displaying from your wedding? 

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