Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time

This really is a wonderful time of year, especially after this weekend. I'm feeling extra Christmas-y these days, I was able to spend time with family at dinner and by the fire, cracking up to Christmas Vacation. (Sidenote: I really think we should all have a Christmas themed Halloween next year. If I were a guy I'd grab all my friends and be the phases of Uncle Eddie...so many good outfit choices.) Keith and I picked out a tree and decorated it, saw the lights downtown Rochester and spent some time in Detroit with my brother. Oh, and I almost forgot, it snowed all weekend, which also means we did lots and lots of shoveling.

We sent our Christmas cards out about a week ago and have received a bunch too. While decorating I was really wishing I had a place to hang them all up so they didn't just sit in a pile on the dining room table. Oops. I have had a few ideas but they all involved allowing enough time for a few coats of paint and I wanted a 'right now' solution. It was about time I switched these up anyways.
I saw this print on LaurenConrad.com and thought I'd try my hand and drawing it out in chalk. So my wedding boards went from these to these. I surprised myself and am pretty excited to test out some other quotes or fonts as the seasons change.
For the card art panel, I simply taped some yarn I used for wrapping gifts and to the back of the frame, and hung my pictures over it.  I've since added a few more cards and am loving how full and layered it looks.
I just couldn't go without adding our card to the board too. What a happy day. Forget about the holidays being the only wonderful time of the year. Life is wonderful in so many ways, all of the time.
Did you send out cards this year? There are always so many interesting ways to showcase them and it always makes me feel extra loved to see how many beautiful people we have in our lives. Where are yours on display, the fireplace mantle, entertainment center, or something extra crafty?


  1. I see our card there! Loved yours! I see how you hang the cards, but how do you hang the photos? Nice update based on the seasons, and great handwriting on the chalk boards!

  2. I just used some more yarn, looped it over and taped it to the back of the picture!


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