Monday, December 16, 2013

Orange for the win.

For my own home, I design on a budget. I design at a turtle's pace because quite frankly I get excited over every little piece that goes into the house.  If I had no budget and did it all at once, I would move in, get everything done right away and want to move again so I could start all over. Most of the time the way I design for myself means things take forever and always look like a work in progress. Hence this last photo I shared.  I had finally put some artwork up on the walls after two years of living here, but notice the gaping holes on either side of the sofa and the 80 year old lamp (that guess probably isn't too far off) in the corner. My living room was getting there and I was happy with my updates... but as soon as the art was hung, it was time to move on to the next detail.  

I needed end tables to set my drinks and lamps on so I could get rid of that eyesore in the corner. That thing put out a lot of light, but I wouldn't exactly call it stylish in it's current state. So the search began, for old wood nightstands that I could paint and update. No luck there so I searched Crate and Barrel, Macy's, and Pier One for end tables that I could make work in here. We had left over gift cards from the wedding and thought that would be a good use... no luck there either. I liked the simple look of these but for 70 bucks and shipping, no thank you. 

Then I stumbled on these bright little tables over at Ikea, for 9.99 and in a handful of color choices too. Keith weighed in and we decided to go with either the orange or grey-turquoise depending on how they looked in the store. Orange won out and it was the perfect accent to pull out the few orange stripes in our happy rug!

With the tables found it was time to play around with our lighting options. I had my heart set on using my Grandparents lamps because I always liked the way the insides lit up if you just wanted a subtle glow in the room. I wasn't so sure they were gonna work because they are a different style from anything else I own. Nonsense, if I like it, I was going to make it work. Took me a while to find shades at a decent price but snagged a few options at Lowe's one day and these burlap shades fit the bill, not to mention they pulled in the burlap that's upholstered on the sides of my chairs.
And there you have it, an even more complete room. I love the way it's coming together and it's totally me, bright, bold, collected, and symmetrical.
What do you think? What would you change? What do you think I have next on the to-do list for this room?

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  1. Some throw pillows with colors coming from the rug colors that will help "pop" and liven up the room. Love the white, as it gives you a blank slate upon which to write.


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