Tuesday, January 28, 2014

And The Winner Is....

Yesterday I left you with three maybes on light fixtures for the dining room.  And the winner is.....
I decided to glam things up a little with a small crystal chandelier. The other two options were more than legit.  I actually have two back up brass chandeliers in the basement that I thought about painting but it turns out they would have just been way to big for my space, after all this is only an 8x8 room. And as far as the modern one goes, I loved it as well, in fact it was my Christmas present from Keith (he knows me oh so well)! But it only had one 40W max light bulb, not gonna cut it when I'm used to ten 60W max bulbs.

After about two weeks of looking I was ready to put the search on the back burner for awhile. I checked everywhere and somehow ended up at Overstock. There it was a six light 60W max fixture with the shape that I fell in love on the turquoise light here, lots of sparkle, and the right price tag at $124 with free shipping and good reviews.

As usual we got a workout hanging it and plenty frustrated by the third time it didn't turn on.  And then it worked! I was giddy and it was perfect!

It may not have been your vote, but what do you think? This image from Rue magazine is sort of my inspiration picture, a pretty dainty chandelier, mix and match chairs and loving all the mixed up artwork. Inspiration is a wonderful thing, a million people can start with the same picture and build off of it, but have the spaces look all their own and nothing alike in the end. 

It's a dangerous thing owning your own place. In the same day I can be frustrated working on a project, thrilled to have completed it, and then move right on to deciding what's up next. Can't I just bask in the sweet sparkly glory for a moment without thinking about the next step? I can...but only for about 5 minutes and in that time frame I've jumped up and down, said "Oooo, I just love it" at least 12 times. Then I stare, and think, and get mesmerized by how pretty it is, and think some more.... what will be next?

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