Monday, January 27, 2014


My home sure does change it's mind an awful lot.  One day it's perfectly happy and the next, it just screams out, "I want a new chandelier!".....and then it doesn't stop until it happens. Does anyone else have this problem? 

No? Must be me then. I have already replaced the light fixture in our dining room, and it was not too long ago even. I swapped out my "boob" light for this salvaged find gone DIY. And I was happy, it was orange and bright and worked wonderfully with my chevron art.  Then I adopted the twins (my beloved lockers) and finally got around to painting them a deep purple this summer. And then, all of sudden it was a bold overload. I loved all the pieces individually but I kind of felt like my home was turning into an elementary school classroom. I have always said my house is kind of like a box of crayons, definitely not lacking a color factor. I still don't mind the term but I want my home to resemble the 72 pack box with lots of variation and a built in sharpener...not the 7 pack variety of ROYGBIV. I needed a change, but what kind?

I had a few ideas in mind... like paint another chandelier an oil rubbed bronze color and bling it out...

Go with more of a pendant light and lean on the side of mirrored and modern...
Light from West Elm
Or glam it up with a crystal number like this one...
Light from Overstock
Any votes one way or another... I hate to say I've already made up my mind, but it's true. Guess you'll have to check back tomorrow!


  1. I like the modern one.

  2. I like the original one, but maybe not painted orange. I like the table turned they way you have it now too!


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