Friday, February 7, 2014


This may come as sad news to some of you, but the paint chip wall art has officially come down.  It lived a long and vibrant life, but it was time to go. Who knows, it may find love in a new place, just not in the dining room. I've been contemplating a gallery wall and as it turns out I didn't have to purchase a darn thing. I have had all these frames in my basement for way too long, its about time they make an appearance.
Most of them are hand me downs, rummage sale finds, and the little white ones came from the dollar spot in Target eons ago. (I swear I'm not a hoarder.) The collection of frames was actually pretty simple to put up, other than the drilling into plaster part... 

1. I simply played with the frames on the floor until I liked the layout.
2. Then cut out newspaper to the size of the frames and marked the spot for hanging on the paper.
3. Hung the newspaper on the wall and put a nail in the marked spot.
 4. Ripped the paper off and voila, instant gallery wall.
I've got some wall patching, craft making, frame painting, and mat cutting to do before things really come together but I'm loving the vintage vibe already. A much more subtle statement compared to the paint chip art. 

Should I leave the frames mismatched for a bit, or paint them all to match right away? Any favorites that would be perfect for a DIY in the one of the frames?

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  1. I have lots more frames, if you are in need


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