Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baseball Season is Here!

It started with a Christmas gift for Keith. And then it turned into not wanting the entire house to be filled with hearts and girly things, and allowing his things to be freed from the guestroom! He loves baseball and I love him so here we go. 

I saw this print on Etsy two Christmases ago and it now resurfacing and ready to make an appearance in the dining room gallery wall.  That wood frame all the way to the right is the perfect size for the print, already had the glass and just needed something to make it a little more special.
Sidenote: The crosstitch hat lady and suited gentleman are only temporary, I haven't emptied the frames of their art until I'm ready to replace them.

Bam, college tools paid off! I whipped out my straight and bevel cutters for mat boards and even used some extra matting I had from a freshman year (2006!!!) design presentation. I cut it to fit the frame and tada! I was almost there, but there was one small problem.
There was nothing but staples in the back of the frame before and I ripped those out to replace the picture. I need something longer than staples but wasn't having luck trying to put nails in the back, I felt like I was going to smash the glass and that's not exactly what I was going for. So I came up with a quick fix that worked perfectly. Thumbtacks, why not! 

One in each corner and It's ready to hang!

Oh and by the way, you'll see above I already switched out the orange chandelier Instagram pic and replaced it one showing off the chevron print even more. I miss it but am loving the changes!

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