Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Insta Art.

In high school I wanted a digital camera, in college I wanted a smaller digital camera... and then I joined the iPhone world. The cameras started collecting dust and my iPhone was racking up photos since I had it with me constantly. I'm currently have 1,542 photos on my phone (what?!!) and am taking new pictures constantly while trying to delete what I don't want on there anymore.  It's great to store and share photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the other crazy places out there, but I still like the hard copy. Does this really make me old fashioned? 

I had a set of three 4x4 square frames that I worked into the dining room gallery wall (see it here) that were perfect for those cropped Instagram photos that just seem to collect on the interwebs. I searched around for the best places to have them printed and landed on Printicular, a Walgreens iPhone app. Just upload your pictures and it prints them at your local Walgreens in just an hour. 25 prints for under $10 and you've got one happy girl!

I only needed three but I thought printing out my favorites would allow me to change it up every so often. Here are the winners for round one. 

-Grotto Falls, taken hiking on our honeymoon in Smoky Mountain National Park
-Keith and I, big smiles, beards and bangs.
-Old chandelier DIY with a peekaboo of the chevron art that was in the gallery wall space before

Three frames filled, five to go. These are probably the only actual photos you'll see here, the rest I have plans for a baseball print, and a few DIY art projects. Stayed tuned, it's officially baseball season in Michigan so that one is making an appearance tomorrow!

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