Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Snapshots.

First of all, I have to tell you how amazing popcorn with coconut oil and sea salt is. Tastes amazing and way better for you than the boxed stuff! Completely unrelated to interiors but so is the rest of this post, so I'm just gonna roll with it. Care to join? 

Today was a day of top to bottom spring cleaning. A little organizing, a lot of cleaning, and a productive morning out, left me with one last thing left on my to do list... 

Putting away all of my winter clothes was a must today, otherwise I just keep wearing them. I only ended up putting away a handful of dresses (the majority of my pieces I can still wear and liven up a bit) but it was great to pull out the spring clothes from the hidden closet. I went to town on outfit planning today and this is only about half of what I had pulled! A quick iPhone snapshot and I have outfits on hand for those early mornings when I can't decide what to wear. The hour this project took is totally worth the stress free mornings.

I have only done this once before but it worked out really well this winter. Does anyone else do this? I can't be the only crazy person that freaks out every morning trying to get out the door on time.

Cheers to warmer weather, brighter colors, and no more tights!

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