Monday, April 28, 2014

Sun-Flower Power.

Keith and I spent our Saturday morning looking around the neighborhood for deck ideas followed by a trip to the grocery store. Maybe not the MOST exciting date, but I was pretty thrilled to be spending the sunny morning with him. It looks like we're headed for a rainy week from here on out so it's a good thing I splurged for the $3.99 sunflowers at Trader Joe's that day. 

I always (ALWAYS!) hesitate buying flowers because in my head I have other things to spend money on rather than buying flowers that are going to die in a week. But Keith always says, "Are you sure?" and I run back and pick some up before we hit the checkout. And ya know what, I am always so glad I did. They make me happy and add some life to the house, especially when it's yucky outside.

This week it was sunflowers, but leading up to this I was happy with a handful of daffodils week after week. I'm not too picky and I think the simpler the better.

I would love to grow some of these in the garden this year, but haven't planned all that out yet. Do you have a favorite garden flower that you love for cutting and bringing inside occasionally? Or a go-to flower for simple arrangements. By arrangement I mean taking off the plastic and plopping them in a vase tall enough to keep from falling over. :)

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