Friday, April 4, 2014

Touch of Gold.

All this crafting is helping with my Spring cleaning. I am re-learning what I have hidden in the basement and am starting to use some old things up. Had another full sheet of mat board that I used for this project. 

This time I wanted to fill it up with song lyrics. I think everyone has a thing for music, or maybe its just me... certain songs remind me of specific moments in my life. It all depends on the day and what kind of mood I'm in, but I love when that song comes on and it just matches the moment you are in. It's kind of like a living soundtrack.

I decided on the song Old Pine by Ben Howard. Whenever this song comes on, I become instantly calm and can refocus myself.  Not to mention I walked down the aisle to the first part of this song, so it has lots of happy memories connected to it. I just wanted to wing it with the writing and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Looks handmade but that's because it is. :)

I bought a gallon of gold paint from the Oops paint at Home Depot a while back and am glad I was finally able to use it on something. Only five bucks, but what do I do with the rest of the gallon!? I traced over my pencil writing twice with a small paintbrush, let it dry for a few hours and hung it up.

Two frames to go.  I am going to work on cropping down a stadium picture for the smaller panoramic frame on the left. What do you think, should it be Comerica Park (baseball stadium) or Spartan Stadium (football field)?

As far as the tall gentleman in a suit, I don't mind him so much. He may hang out for a bit and I can switch him out after another project.

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