Thursday, April 3, 2014

W is for Walters.

I got married. I got a new last name. Nine months later and I still get confused... But I've got it down at least for the moment, I drew up and cut out the correct letter for my next piece of art in the gallery wall. I'm gonna consider that a win. 

This piece is for the oval frame with the cross-stitched hat lady. Lovely as she was, it was time to go. I had no idea what my plan was until I pulled some fabric and starting playing, then it just clicked. Why don't I create a W monogram. Fitting, not to mention it may give me some practice remembering that my last name starts with a W now and not a G.

I had just enough iron on transfer paper left for a small project so I sketched out my W with a shadow and then traced it to the transfer paper.

Cut out your tracings leaving a little extra around the edges.

Iron on to the back side of your fabric and cut them out on the lines.

Peel off your backing and iron the two together.... I switched up plans on the fabric in the middle so I just have my larger W shown here. I added a green velvet inner instead of the floral and decided the floral would make a nice backdrop instead.

Cut to fit your selected frame and hang that beauty up!

After this I'd say W is for Walters AND winning. Love the final product and the colors add a nice crisp pop to the wall.

Countdown to the final three. The large frame is up next, I have something in the works, let's see if I like how it turns out! You'll find out tomorrow either way.

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