Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Office Space.

For an office we thought would be totally functional for both Keith and I to work in, it ended up being the opposite.

A 30x77 door would make the perfect desk! Plenty of space to sew and craft and blog...or not. It was big enough but the inset panels made for uneven cuts and pain the butts. And those shelves..I thought they were a great find (in other words, free!) but they really aren't functional for anything other than holding boxes of more stuff. Things just ended up looking messy after awhile, and holy cow are they monstrous when you have a tight space.

Please note Keith's Granger of the Year award at top right. :)
So that was my half of the room. And that is before I took it over with hundreds of fabric swatches, irons, and crafting supplies.  This is Keith's tiny little corner, poor guy. We thought this would be enough space to start, turns out he would really enjoy having a little more. Not to mention all those desk drawers are filled with my stuff too! 

Not fair. So I started brainstorming how to create separate workspaces that would be functional for both of us. We whipped out the measuring tape and got to work last night. Two desks in the office...not gonna happen. But a desk in the office and maybe a desk upstairs, now that could work. We're dealing with a super small space and a big but really kind of awkward space due to odd built ins, broken plugs, and only one forced air heat vent (right smack dab in the middle of the floor, of course).

Today I'll be racking my brain for solutions an doing a little space planning. Today I will also be letting my mother know that I don't know where her mother's sofa is going to go... maybe it needs a new home? This little house is running out of space! Thoughts?

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