Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Make it Happen.

Keith and I are constantly chatting about where we are in life, what we want to do, and what we need to make more time for. We started our 'Make It Happen' board mid February and I can't believe I haven't shown it off yet. Now that the rest of our stairway has been spruced up (literally spruced...we painted it Pacific Pine...get it?!) this seems as good a time as any to show it off!

We hung it just above the doorway so you can see it coming down the stairs every morning. Right about here...

All it took was an empty frame with glass, a handful of long Behr paint chips and a dry erase marker. A little tape to hold the pieces together and I was ready to start filling up our board. 

So here's what made the cut back in February. Not a super successful turnout in accomplishments to date (We're about 50/50) but it has been making us think quite a bit lately. We're due to sit down and switch things up now that we've made some serious changes. Although we didn't make everything happen we are on the path to do so and this has been a great reminder every day.

Do you write down goals on stacks of post-its or keep them on a virtual dashboard of some sort? I'd love to hear how you keep those goals close at hand. I'm constantly thinking of new plans, but forget by the time I decide I should put it on paper!!


  1. Get yourself a Moleskine notebook or two. They are great for jotting things down, setting reminders, taking down email addresses or phone numbers, or other small things.


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