Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rock On!

Here's a #tbt for you. This mound of cobblestone has never made it on the blog and we've already updated the space again! This is the last project we did outside last fall and had been debated about for quite a while. Things tend to happen in the yard when I'm finally sick of pulling weeds in a certain area. And this time it all started with a trunk full of rocks (okay, so they didn't really come out of the trunk but it sure looks like it here).

This has always been an interesting area in the back. When we moved in, it was a jungle of weeds taller than me. Then it was a garden. Then the garden didn't do so well, so it was a huge patch of dirt. Then I got sick of constantly pulling weeds and decided to give this whole cobblestone thing a try.

We managed to complete the project in a day and are thrilled with how it turned out. It's the perfect area for a bonfire hangout. I'm imagining a pallet sofa against the garage with some sort of art above it and multiple lounge chairs surrounding a bonfire pit.

We've lined the area with half logs that seem to keep the rocks in and the grass out. Plus we happen to know the best wood splitter around (thanks, Dad!).

More to come on this one. More weeds means more change. :)

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