Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Step It Up.

Holy smokes, it is crazy that June and July have come and gone already. Last time I was writing on here it was the end of May and I came up with this crazy idea to give up sugar for 10 days. My, my, my how life has changed since then. Well, not because of the lack of sugar (that part only lasted 5 days... we can discuss that later, but for now I'll blame it on the ice cream) but because things need to change. Let's just say Keith and I have been able to finally enjoy some time together after a year of work craziness and mixed up schedules.

And the best part for you is coming too... more time together means more time to do things that are a whole lot easier (and more fun!) with an extra set of hands. We have had plenty of relaxation time and started to check a few things off the home to-do list too. My favorite is a project we have literally been tripping over for the past few months...the hand rail for the stairs. 
Beige on beige on beige.... ick! 
I have been dragging my feet trying to decide what color to paint it and it's caused way too many problems laying in the middle of the bedroom floor. It had to be the first project we tackled. So, I opened the box of extra paint chips and well, it turns out I was able to pick the exact color I wanted in about 10 seconds. 
We went for the darkest one, Behr Pacific Pine.

What the heck was I so worried about? Added a little ORB spray paint to the brass hardware and I am loving the little pop of green with the blue grey wall color. It still amazes me when you look at a before and after with just a new coat of paint. Quick and easy and I love that instant gratification!

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