Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Real Life Pinterest.

Pinterest has taken over online in the last few years, but I'm still hanging on to the past. I pin like crazy and try not to get sucked in but I love a physical pin board for inspiration that I can see without looking at a computer screen.

My 'use what you have' mentality is great for the most part but you have to know when to give in and find something new. This pin board was a gem that came out of my Aunt's house and maybe even before that, my grandparents home. The extra wide frame is more substantial than what you find today and I'm a sucker for gold at the moment. What's not so great is how beat up the board is.
Solution = fabric. This round I decided to use what I had on hand... not in love with the way it turned out. It still looks like an old picture frame... fail.
I wanted it to feel updated but with a little charm. A trip to JoAnn's and it's looking fresh in an icy blue lattice!
Next time you see this one, I'm sure it will be filled up with all kinds of crazy ideas! Do you still linger in a past or have you moved on to being completely paperless?

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I'm trying to figure out if I should recognize the frame...

    I definitely cling to the past. I always try to reuse things, because it helps keep the memories around :)


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