Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Full Hearts and Baby Smiles.

Welcome, and Happy New Year! It may seem that I'm the new one around here, so we're going to change that. New Year's Eve is always a time of reflection for me and boy do I have a lot to look back on. Last year is gonna be hard to beat so let's get everyone up to date on the love filled craziness that happened in 2016. 

It started like this...
...and quickly turned into the most beautiful blessing that we've ever received. Our son, Chase was born and the rest of the year turned into all sweet baby pics. 
I got the best new job as a stay at home mama and spent every second possible soaking up this little guy's snuggles.
photo by Visual Folklore

We did lots of adventuring in our own state (MI) and across the country from Chicago to DC to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Our little pal loves tagging along and smiles all day long. (Night time is another story, more on that later!) Watching him grow has been amazing. Each and every day he changes and Keith and I are having so much fun loving on him.

I started sewing again, and opened an Etsy shop. You can check it out here, right now it's full of mobiles and burp cloths with more to come soon! For now it's the two things Chase and his mama (me) loved that I just couldn't find what I was looking for in a store.
We ended the year with Santa visits, caroling, and lots of time with friends and family for the holidays. Oh and cookies, lots and lots of cookies. :)
Life is good, God is great, and our hearts are full. 

Well that's about it, you're all caught up on my life. Seems crazy to sum it up so quickly. Time sure flies! I'm just glad I was able to narrow it down to 8 pictures from 3,541. Moms, how does this happen??? 

What are your best memories from 2016? Did you go someplace new, meet your best friend, or get married? Did you start your dream job, get a puppy, or hang out in your pajamas and eat donuts for a week? I'd love to hear, might make for some good ideas for 2017!

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