I'm Justine, a mitten state living, color loving, interior designer. Iā€™m a boy mom of two, have the sweetest husband on the planet, wish we lived in the mountains, and love a great DIY. 

Here's my story. (The quick version.)

Growing up I rearranged my room on rainy days, was always encouraged to help family with design decisions, and thought drafting was relaxing (what?!). Since then I've graduated with a BA in Interior Design from Michigan State University and have worked in the residential design industry for 10 years.

I launched Love Hue Home because having the best of both worlds is possible! I'm now a full time mama and a designer on a mission to make people feel happy in their homes. I believe in a versatile base palette with layers of bold color, mixed patterns, and plenty of personality. My design style is transitional and tailored to suit each client. I am passionate about creating spaces my clients will love and am always up for a challenge!