Look What I Brought Home - Chapter 1

You’ll think I’m crazy but join the crowd; this is what I consider an exciting end to my weekend.

That’s right I picked up this beauty off the side of the road.  I actually passed it once but couldn’t stop thinking about all the crafty things I could do with it, so I went back for it later in the day. But hey, no complaints, I’m moving up here. It’s better than the six foot long stuffed animal fish (we named him Beast) I picked up with a teammate back in high school during a cross country practice. 

I was so ecstatic that I didn’t even think about where I would put it, I just HAD to have it.  So it might hang out in the garage in its current state for a bit until I move out of my parentals.  But it’s mine now so I can brainstorm all I want and you can help!  It’s a solid wood door in need of a little love and paint but I just love the vintage look of the panels and metal key pad. 

Update: A coat of chalk paint later and this door has had lots of love. We have used it as part of our wedding reception, chalkboard art around the house, and most recently a makeshift desk top. Good find indeed!

thank you door